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    21 Day Bible Reading Plan + Prayer & Fasting

    You can liken it to turning on a faucet, and water instantly rushing through; the only way to stop that flow would be if I were to turn the faucet off. The role I play in the depth of my relationship with God is critical. God is the living water (John 4:10); He is forever moving and springing new life.

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    Seven Things I did that Transformed my Thinking

    Before I share the seven things I did that completely transformed my thinking, I want to talk a little bit about what I was actually going through. I believe my testimony will resonate with many of you and my prayer is that it will inspire and encourage you to put these seven things into practice in your own life. So here goes! It wasn’t too long ago that I struggled with the thoughts I had about my life, my purpose and my future.  I was a Christian madly in love with Jesus, faithful to church and every prayer meeting, and I was struggling—and I mean struggling! After giving my life…

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    This is Joy.

    Watching the sunset as it paints cotton candy in the sky. Tasting the most delicious slice of freshly baked apple pie. Driving your very first vehicle. Hearing the sound of your child’s first laughter. Celebrating your birthday with someone who arrived as a special surprise. Experiencing God’s presence for the 100th time but it only gets sweeter. Reading a verse that excites the soul – every, single time. This is j o y. And God, who richly provides us with everything to enjoy (1 Timothy 6:17b) wants nothing more than for us to experience and walk in all the joys of life. Joy is to rejoice; to be glad; to…

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    “So, who is Jesus?” – Part 1

    This is such a loaded question. What did Jesus do? Why do people believe in Him and what makes Him so special? Maybe you’ve never thought of questions quite like these and that’s okay – we’ll tackle them all here, together. With Easter just around the corner I couldn’t be more excited – so let’s get into this! So they said to Him, “Who are You [anyway]?” Jesus replied, “What have I been saying to you from the beginning? - John 8:25esv The Beginning As many of you know, the Bible is separated into two parts – the Old Testament (before Jesus was born) and the New Testament (during and after…

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    Just Keep Praying.

    ‘The angel said to him… “your prayer has been heard”.’ – Luke 1:13 Zechariah encountered an angel from the Lord with an answer to prayer. This happened as he was partaking in his priestly duty after being chosen by lot to enter the sanctuary to burn incense. He and his wife Elizabeth were very old and they had no children because Elizabeth was unable to conceive. All it took was for Zechariah to hear, “your prayer has been heard” and their lives were forever changed! I wonder how long he had been praying to God for a child? I can imagine this particular prayer being one he may have given…

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    April? Is that you?

    April? Is that you? April happens to be one of my favorite months really.  The snow begins to melt leaving splashy puddles behind, windows open to the rush of the cool, fresh, breeze – and then there are the “spring cleaning” posts we share with our loved ones and friends – “Woohoo! I finally get to clean out this closet!” In April we see all the birds return to their favorite cities from their winter vacation hideouts. They sing a sweet song as the sun rises a bit earlier each morning – new life begins. Have you ever wondered how those birds know when it’s time to return to their…

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    Stay In Your Lane

    Have you ever attended a track meet or watched a track and field event on TV? As a track coach, I’ve both seen and participated in my fair share. You will have noticed the white lines neatly arranged on the track, white lines that create lanes. Each runner has their lane; a clear, demarcated strip of track in which they must stick to and not venture out of. If an Olympic sprinter were to take one step on either side of this line during their race they would then be disqualified. Sadly enough, this actually happened to the Canadian Men’s 4x100M relay team in the London 2012 Olympics. They had…