Hello there!

I’m Tanika, a writer and speaker. I’m on a mission to reach people just like you from the smallest town, to the largest city, with words of faith, inspiration and truth.

I’m originally from Indianapolis, Indiana, and spent my childhood in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. I’ve experienced some awesome things: speaking at my University graduation (roughly fifteen-thousand people)… I’ve lived and studied abroad in Italy and Spain… and I’ve had the honour of ministering God’s Word to rooms of beautiful people!

I love fitness, plant based foods, being outdoors, timeless beauty, and more than anything – the One who created everything worth loving… I love Jesus.

My husband, David, and I now live in the ‘Paris of the Prairies’, Saskatchewan, Canada; where most people dislike the winters, we quite enjoy it!

Here, you’ll find me writing about the things that are close to my heart, things I feel will inspire you!

I write because of you.

And I believe I’m called to impact this generation with God’s unfailing truth. I pray something I write challenges you, encourages you and helps lead you into a deeper relationship with Jesus! 

love & blessings,