I’m on a mission to reach people just like you from the smallest town, to the largest city with words of inspiration, faith and truth.

Before beginning this blog I wasn’t sure how I would begin, or how I could connect with you in a meaningful way. But now I’m here, and you’re here…I couldn’t be happier!

My name is Tanika – a growing writer and speaker.

I’m originally from Indianapolis, IN, but spent my childhood in Saskatoon, SK Canada. I’ve had some pretty amazing experiences, graduating from University where I spoke to an audience of roughly 15,000 (was I nervous?…to say the least)… I’ve lived and studied abroad in Italy and Spain… I’ve had the honor of ministering God’s word to rooms of beautiful people; I love fitness, yummy plant based food, all flavors of Kombucha, timeless beauty and bright white rooms with a touch of neutrals, adorable, fluffy dogs and more than anything – the One who created everything worth loving… I l o v e Jesus.

I now live with my husband, David, in the ‘Paris of the Prairies’, Saskatchewan, Canada; where most people dislike the winters, we love it (if you can believe it) – bring on the snow!

So let me say this, I never really saw myself as a writer, or thought I had much to say…but I now know that I was wrong! You’ll find me writing about the joys of marriage, all types of food, my favorite fitness routines, or even some random things I’m doing around our home – it’s so much fun! And with all of that, I’ve come to know this: I write because I believe I am called to impact this precious generation with God’s unfailing truth. I know there is something I need to share, something that will inspire you, challenge you, encourage you and help lead you into a deeper relationship with Jesus – because there’s nothing like it! 

So grab a coffee or your favorite tea and stay awhile <3

love & blessings,