I have a huge dream to reach women across the world with words of inspiration and encouragement. Before beginning this blog I never really knew how I was going to reach all these women, and how I could connect with you in a meaningful way. But now I’m here, and you’re here…I couldn’t be happier!

My name is Tanika. I’m originally from Indianapolis, IN, but spent my childhood in Saskatoon, SK Canada. I moved back to the Midwest, where I lived out my adolescent and adult life. I’ve had so many amazing experiences, graduating from University where I presented the Spring Commencement Speech to an audience of 15,000 (preparation for something – I think so!)…I’ve lived and studied abroad in Italy and Spain…I love fitness, yummy plant based food, matcha green tea lattes (with coconut milk), timeless beauty, cute, fluffy dogs and more than anything – the One who created everything worth loving… i l o v e God.

I now live with my husband, David, in the ‘Paris of the Prairies’, Saskatchewan, Canada. I’ll bring you along for the ride as we embark on our purpose together in marriage and in life.

I never really saw myself as an amazing writer, or thought I had much to say…but I was wrong! I write because my heart is full and I truly believe I’ll have something to share that will touch your life…and hopefully challenge and inspire you. I write because I needed to reach all of you beautiful people that God is calling me to. <3

So let’s have a chat over coffee / tea sometime soon – my treat!

love & blessings,