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There’s nothing like being Celebrated.

A close friend of mine sent me a message a few days ago, sharing with me some awesome news on her success in school. She said “I just wanted to celebrate and I knew YOU would celebrate with me!!” – my heart literally melted!

I got to thinking, “wow, that’s the type of support she can count on from me – to celebrate with her in all her successes, new opportunities and accomplishments!” It touched me.

There’s really nothing like being celebrated.

When someone understands you, respects you, and encourages you – it means a lot! I believe it builds a person up to confidently walk their purpose and the path their heart desires!

Calling a friend or loved one and sharing exciting moments, achievements, leaps of faith, what God has done and is doing in your life, what doors He’s opened and knowing they will be just as pumped and excited for you as you are, is priceless!

There’s nothing worse than having something you want to share with the world but having no one to share it with or maybe you do have someone to tell but then you worry about what they may think or say to you or about you because of it – I’ve been there and it’s no-bueno!

Be the one who celebrates others.

When people know you to be encouraging, uplifting and supportive they will share with you – naturally! They got a new car, they aced a test, they got a new job, they bought their first house, they’re renting an apartment for the first time, they got accepted into Grad school, their expecting their third child, they know and understand their calling (that’s a big one), they’ve been sober for months, their marriage is healed – celebrate them!

Look for the small improvements, recognize those successes and let them be a big deal.

– Elise Cripe

Let the word get out that you are genuinely interested in celebrating others and everyone will bring all their good news your way – it feels so good to know people can trust you in that!


Now don’t get me wrong, I understand that it can be tough at times to celebrate others when things in your personal life may not be going as smooth as you’d like. In those moments, I would encourage you to put the other person ahead of how you may be feeling. Hold up, excuse me, you want me to do what? Sounds crazy, I know, but the joy you will get out of being the person brings light and who they can trust with their good news no matter what, man it’s awesome!

Be encouraged with people’s good news, know that if God did it for them – He can do it for you! Don’t allow jealousy or insecurity to seep in because someone is sharing something with you that you yourself are believing for – instead, be encouraged!

Be what you want to receive.

People may forget what you say but they will not forget how you made them feel. As you celebrate others in the days to come know that you too will be celebrated. The more you lift up others the more those around you will want to encourage you!

This makes me think of a coworker. When I started in my position, they held their superiority and didn’t open up much for discussion; that changed when I showed interest in an area of their life and celebrated a victory! You may be surprised how little encouragement and support those around you experience – celebrate them!

We should help others do what is right and build them up in the Lord - Romans 15:2 nlt

Love & Blessings,


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